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Racism's intuitive definition vs. cultural Marxist "power" definition .....

Racism Definitions.

What is Racism. The different meanings of "Racism"

Dictionary Definitions of Racism

Racism (Dictionary Definition)

Cultural Marxist Definition of Racism

html bold test Discrimination


Prejudice plus power

Reverse Racism

Can Blacks be racist?


Apartheid Segregation Racism (Islamophobia)

Hate Crime

This page is under construction and totally confusing

History of the word "Racism"

Main issues


Racism definitions [1]

Diversity is strength (not)

Diversity is strength?


Apartheid, Jim Crow, segregation

systemic racism


Prejudice: correct or false?

Cultural Marxism

White Privilege

Black Privilege



Christophobia (Ayan Hirsy (sp) chapter 8

Dog Racism

Race and IQ

Race and Crime

Black Crime [2] Memorial Wall Black on White Murder 2014


Equality Axiom

race, gender, sexual orientation

Civil Rights

Human Rights

Education, School, No Child left behind, "Special" Children

Language distortion, rape, .....

Nurture assumption

Tabula rasa, Steven Pinker blank slate

Math Lessons

Statistics (La Griffe du Lyon)

Correlation is not Causation

Scientific Method // Logic// Mathematics // anecdotes in each category

Research, Universities, .....

Bell Curve for Dummies

Bell Curve for Racists

Brainwashing / indoctrination

Hollywood movies

MSM / Lying Press

From school newspapers to big papers to Hollywood


The King has no clothes

Why political correctness Cujo bene (?) serves whom


PC causes Hate

PC harms minorities The cost of PC

Harm caused by PC PC harms minority

Harming minorities in the name of PC

PC has changed the world (R) Europe, US, S Africa

Feminism // gender // men's rights birth rates, ......

PC dogmatic, anti scientific

PC moral high ground

"Jewish conspiracy" theories

discrimination prejudice clothing ageism


Harm/damage/cost of PC /consequences, .... unscientific, speech code, censorship

PC and Christian zealots

PC/racism of no concern to Japanese etc statistics, bell curve, lying with statistics deprogramming, brainwashing thought crimes, censorship, repression of truth and science human rights Equality benefits-harm like religion, .... Equality, tabula rasa - blank slate is PC true ...... lies, falsehood, MSM, lying press obfuscation, anti-scientist,


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