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Swedish specialty: Pink pixellation of dark-skinned criminals and pixellated anonymization of wanted criminals

In Sweden, the press is regularly suppressing and altering pixelated crime photos in which the race of the alleged perpetrator is still discernible. Blurry images of brown and black faces are being digitally bleached in order to make criminals seem less African and Arab.

The left who constantly claims race doesn't matter, doesn't seem to be consistent with their claims when they deliberately blur (pixel) the non-whites photos in the press whilst adding the photoshop effect of bleaching the skin, giving the reader the impression that the alleged Swedish criminal trully is a Swedish man, white male. The opposite of course occours whenever there's white Swedish men who has committed a crime. Then the individual will be overly exposed, name, real, uncensored photoes and it will be written about for days.

Sweden photoshops Arab criminals into white ones

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In Denmark we call Sweden Absurdistan. Examples of pink-pixelation and skin-colour camuflaging criminals in Sweden: ((copy and post the photo examples))

Wikipedia:white pixelization

White Pixelization or white pixelation

Pinkwashing the Perps

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There is a special kind of madness abroad in Sweden, even more so than in Norway. The news report below is one of the best illustrations of Swedish lunacy I have ever seen.

Just think of it — the producers of the equivalent of “Sweden’s Most Wanted” not only pixelate the face of the wanted perpetrator, but they also disguise the enricher’s race by turning up the beige on his blurry face. Viewers are then supposed to use the video images to help police find the criminal.

Wot th’—?!?

To make matters worse, you’ll notice that the faces of law-abiding Caucasian Swedes are left untouched. That is, only the faces of wanted criminals are anonymized. Everyone else is there for all to see — “Hey! There’s Sven and Ingrid!”

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