Black privilege

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It's Past Time to Acknowledge Black Privilege

Black privilege

Racism's hidden toll

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PC's toll Political correctness' hidden toll Anti-Racism's hidden toll PC's cost Anti-Racism's price Political correctness price

Black Privilege in Ferguson: Criminal Black behavior in Ferguson CAUSED by MSM and PC

MSM (main stream media) incite “justified Black anger” by telling Blacks that Whites are to blame for Black crime, low performance in school, and low income. This “Justified anger” allows and encourages Blacks to riot and commit violence without anyone daring to call them out as felons. Violence, riot and mayhem by Blacks is excusable and understandable. 10 By PC (political correctness) definition Blacks can not be racist nor will they be prosecuted by Eric Holder for hate crimes.

MSM (main stream media) have not called out that Michael Brown and his pal Dorian Johnson had committed half a dozen criminal acts in the last 10 minutes of Michael Brown’s life. Three criminal acts were voluntarily confessed by Dorian Johnson, Michael Brown’s companion, several more were seen on the surveillance tape [4]

Main Stream Media (MSM), due to Political Correctness (PC) and cultural marxism, cover up Black misdemeanors and felonies as good as they can [0] [1] [2]. The justice department and the local governor tried their best to hide the surveillance video that showed felon Michael Brown robbing a convenience store. The George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case is full of MSM (Main stream media) deceit 8 7 <a href="">

Black Privilege in Ferguson and all USA (30 examples)
  1. Black Police departments can shoot unarmed Black civilians in record numbers and Eric Holder does nothing:
    Eric Holder’s police shooting record? Dismal: Washington police shot and killed people at a higher rate than any other major city police department, as a Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post investigation revealed in late 1998. The Post reported that "Holder said he did not detect a pattern of problematic police shootings and could not recall the specifics of cases he personally reviewed." Holder declared: “I can’t honestly say I saw anything that was excessive.”
  2. Blacks can never be racist, even when they are racist: “I am the attorney general of the United States,” Holder said last week during an appearance at a Missouri community college. “But I am also a black man.” Imagine George Bush had ever dared to say “I am the president of the United States, but I am also a white man”.
  3. Blacks can openly enjoy and promote mayhem against Whites: ‘Jamie Foxx promoted his new movie, Django Unchained, by saying, “I save my wife, and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that? And how black is that?” [Jamie Foxx Jokes About Killing ‘All The White People’ In His New Movie,By Noel Sheppard, December 10, 2012] Django Unchained. [15] Blacks and their white sympathizers defend confessed robbers, rioters, and rapists like the Central Park Five [47] [48] [49] [50]. See also the distorted movie <a href="">To Kill a Mockingbird</
  4. Blacks can complain about White Privilege and get government moneys for White Privilege Conferences. White Privilege Conference handout exposed by Progressives Today | 2 3 Teachers are required to teach about White Privilege.
  5. Blacks have freedom of speech. Blacks can use the N-Word, “cracker”, and swear openly. Whites get banned from Olympics [21] [22], suffer severely punishment for use of politically incorrect wording, jokes [20] or suffer Justice department inquiries because of mere suspicion of inappropriate wording (George Zimmerman). A White throwing a banana on a Black soccer player’s car [23] [24] [25] causes much more press commotion and legal retribution then a Ferguson Black throwing a Molotov Cocktail onto police or into a store.
  6. Blacks may stereotype white policemen and Whites in general as violent, racist, and blame 21st century Whites for 18th Century slavery. Blacks must never be stereotyped, even with true research about race and iq or government statistics about Black crime.
  7. Blacks can object to <a href="">