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White Slaves, African Slave Traders, and the Hidden History of Slavery



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White slaves, Black slave owners in America

Black Slavery in Muslim Countries and in the Koran

In Iraq, for example, blacks are regularly called “abd,” which means “slave” in Arabic. The word is also synonymous with the word “black” when describing a black person. This, and other persecution, is a daily occurrence for people of color in Muslim countries, according to the Atlanta Black Star.

The Canadian academic Salim Mansur has claimed, “Blacks are viewed by Arabs as racially inferior, and Arab violence against blacks has a long, turbulent record.” Black People still seen as slaves in Iraq. Video and further video links

Blacks are considered subhuman and are often denied even the most basic rights like testifying in court, holding positions in government, living in certain areas of the community, owning businesses, and buying property.

Although slavery was abolished in Iraq in 1924, like many other Muslim nations, it is still widely practiced since there are ways around the law. Legal servitude that uses loans with excessive taxes to keep the borrower indebted is just one of the ways Muslims take and keep ownership of poor minorities.

In Pakistan, more than 20,000 Christians are subject to brutal torture and persecution as indebted slaves to Muslim masters. Most will remain in servitude to their lenders their whole lives, subjecting their children and closest relatives to take on the burden of the debt and the slavery that comes with it.

To this day, over 14 million blacks alone are still enslaved by Muslims who have continued ownership through the Atlantic Slave Trade and their nations’ pointless abolition. And why shouldn’t Muslims own slaves? After all, their prophet, of whom they are to model their existence, owned a number of slaves.

The Islamic Prophet Muhammad owned black slaves, one of which was called Anjasha. In fact, the very pulpit from which Muhammad preached Islam was constructed after he ordered a slave to do so. Another slave of Muhammad was renamed “Safina,” meaning “ship,” because he was constantly made to carry the prophet’s possessions.

The Hadith mentions that Muhammad owned at least 27 slaves, listing them all by name: