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Zimbabwe went from breadbasket under racist colonial rule to importer of food aid under Black rule. The Telegraph writes:

Today, fewer than 300 white farmers remain on portions of their original land holdings in Zimbabwe and many of the seized farms lie fallow, meaning the former Breadbasket of Africa has to import food to feed its population. [1]

Racists say that countries and cities that were prosperous under white rule fail under Black rule. Haiti, South Africa, Detroit, Baltimore or Ferguson are example of failed cities and states under Black rule . See: Race and IQ, black crime, heritability.

Political Correctness stipulates the equality of all races. Race differences are due to Racism, colonialism, slavery, and microagression. Race does not exist and Race is skin deep.

Zimbabwe citizens yearn for racist colonial Rhodesia, says New York Times

Here’s a measure of how President Robert Mugabe is destroying this once lush nation of Zimbabwe:

In a week of surreptitious reporting here (committing journalism can be a criminal offense in Zimbabwe), ordinary people said time and again that life had been better under the old, racist, white regime of what was then called Rhodesia.

“When the country changed from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, we were very excited,” one man, Kizita, told me in a village of mud-walled huts near this town in western Zimbabwe. “But we didn’t realize the ones we chased away were better and the ones we put in power would oppress us.”

“It would have been better if whites had continued to rule because the money would have continued to come,” added a neighbor, a 58-year-old farmer named Isaac. “It was better under Rhodesia. Then we could get jobs. Things were cheaper in stores. Now we have no money, no food.”

Over and over, I cringed as I heard Africans wax nostalgic about a nasty, oppressive regime run by a tiny white elite. Black Zimbabweans responded that at least that regime was more competent than today’s nasty, oppressive regime run by the tiny black elite that surrounds Mr. Mugabe. [NYT http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/08/opinion/08kristof.html?scp=2&sq=zimbabwe&st=cse&_r=0]

If such a nasty racist comment comes from leftist MSM New York Times, it makes one think. It seems that South African Blacks and other Africans say the same things. It seems that statistics confirm that Sub-saharan Africa is the only region where per capita income has not surged in the last decades. [citation needed]

Cited from arch racist web site Zimbabwe: Blacks Admit Rhodesia Was Better. Also Young Zimbabweans: Life Was Better Under White Rule

Zimbabwe to hand back land to some white farmers

More than 4,000 white farmers lost their land after Mr Mugabe lost a referendum to the new Movement for Democratic Change party and, in a bid to regain popularity, authorised land grabs by disaffected war veterans.

Today, fewer than 300 white farmers remain on portions of their original land holdings in Zimbabwe and many of the seized farms lie fallow, meaning the former Breadbasket of Africa has to import food to feed its population.

Among remaining farmers who have been recommended for a reprieve of Mr Mugabe’s edict that whites can no longer own land in Zimbabwe is Elizabeth Mitchell, a poultry farmer who produces 100,000 day-old chicks each week.

Her farm, Barquest, which lies around 160 miles south of Harare in Masvingo Province, had been allocated by the government to Walter Mzembi, the tourism minister, but he recently retreated after the provincial leadership backed her request to stay.

Shuvai Mahofa, Masvingo’s Provincial Affairs Minister, has recommended five more white farmers be issued with 99-year leases because their operations were, she said, of “strategic economic importance”.

Mr Mugabe regularly tells white farmers who have survived years of uncertainty, violence and threats to move off the parcels of land they have hung on to.

"Don't be too kind to white farmers,” Mr Mugabe told supporters at a recent Zanu PF rally. “They can own industries and companies, or stay in apartments in our towns but they cannot own land. They must leave the land to blacks.”

Mr Mombeshora also announced the long-delayed establishment of a “Land Commission”, which the EU has said it will help fund, to survey how seized white farms were distributed during the chaotic and sometimes violent land grab.

[1] Quoted at Amren[2]

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