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Whites killing Blacks are major MSM news stories. Whites gang raping black women is even bigger news. Whites gang raping a black woman combines both Political Correctness narratives, Whites killing Blacks feminist rape culture narrative. Al Sharpton, the justice department and Barrack Obama usually weigh in heavily and don't apologize after proven wrong.

Many of these stories turn out hoaxes, the killing was clearly in self defense, the gang rape is proven false.

Racists say that the Main stream media bias give the very false impression that whites, especially white police actively hunt down and hurt Blacks. This MSM brainwashing, reinforced by press codes, distorts people's perception of reality. Reality is that Black crime is rampant, but press codes demand hiding race of criminals. The color of crime report clearly shows that Black on white crime is vastly higher than white on Black crime. This false and distorted reporting by MSM and US government causes Black anger, Black riots. It actually reinforces Black crime by preventing effective policing, racial profiling and police crackdown. Racists say Blacks suffer most because their neighborhoods get destroyed, their real estate value plummets, their neighborhood stores get gutted in Black riots and never re-built. Furthermore, Black crime mainly victimizes Blacks.

Editor who oversaw Rolling Stone’s U-Va. rape story to step down

The hunt for the Great White defendant]

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