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Summary, Preface

Racism is the cause for poverty, crime, and justified anger among underprivileged races and populations. Race is only skin deep and socially constructed.

Differences in crime, intelligence, income are socially constructed. Any differences in life outcome are due to racism, sexism, and micro aggressions. Aftereffects of Slavery and colonialism hamper Blacks generations after they ended. Doubters of these unassailable equality tenets of Cultural marxism (Political Correctness) are guilty of the crime of racism, called a "thought crime" by defenders of free speech.

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Racists say

  1. IQ tests done on millions of US armed forces recruits over a century have clearly shown that Black IQ (~85)is lower than White IQ (~100), to the point that a large percentage of Blacks were rejected for being under the test cutoff, with IQ too low to be trainable. [citation needed].
  2. IQ in mainly black {{Sub-Saharan Africa]] is between 65 and 75.
  3. Black IQ in the US is around 85.
  4. East Asian IQ is ~105, Jewish IQ around 107 to 115, facts even admitted by White supremacists at naziststormfront .
  5. Culture is genetically constructed. Wherever there are large groups of immigrants, they bring with them IQ, crime, culture, habits, rates similar to their original home land.
  6. Crime statistics world wide show black crime considerably higher than white crime, which is higher than east Asian crime.[citation needed]
  7. Black governance is characterized by corruption, inefficiency, high crime rates, tribalism. Even formerly efficient and rich countries and cities become failed states and cities, be it Haiti, Zimbabwe, South Afria, Detroit, Ferguson, when taken over by Black population and government, Racists say.